Why Bifolds Are Perfect If You Have Little Ones

Small children love to use the garden, and some of our best childhood memories are formed on warm, sunny days. Bifold doors could provide your family with the perfect access to the garden without compromising on security indoors.

Access: In and Out

Bifold doors offer fantastic access to your outdoor space. When the doors are fully open, the kids can go in and out without a bottleneck forming around the doorway. In winter, your bifolds open just slightly, giving your children full access to and from the house without freezing the occupants inside.

In some situations, bifold doors can be fitted flush to the floor without damaging the existing flagstones. When fitted in this way, the bottom runners are actually sunken into the ground, either partially or fully. That means a child is far less likely to trip over the threshold as they could with a less sophisticated design.


We’ve all seen our kids run precariously close to patio doors, and flinched when they’ve come a bit too close to the frame. Bifolding doors stack neatly against the wall so there are fewer risks of bumped heads.

If you choose an internal stacking arrangement, the doors will be tucked well out of the way while they’re open, giving the children space to run around on the patio. With a 90 per cent opening, there’s less chance that the child will have an accident on their way out to play. This wide expanse of glass makes it easier for mum and dad to keep an eye on things too.

Naturally, all bifolds are fitted with shatterproof safety glass and multi point locks for your family’s safety and security.


Bifold doors are structurally strong, yet they move like silk on their runners. That means the kids can open and close the doors themselves (although we recommend adult supervision if you have very young kids).

Don’t worry about the hinges: with child locks, it’s near impossible to trap a finger in bifolding doors. If you prefer that your children should not be able to open the doors, or if you have a young baby in the home, we can add child locks that will keep the doors off limits.


Bifold doors let in a stream of light, turning your indoor space into a highly usable family area. Even when it’s wet outside, the children can benefit from extra light and a great view of the wildlife in the garden.

Bifold doors can also be finished in a range of bright colours so they’re ideal for family spaces. Equally, you can choose classic white or a wood effect finish to tone with your existing windows and doors.

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Bifold doors add the finishing touch to any family home, making best use of the garden and giving kids the freedom they crave – without compromising on safety. For more information and a free quote, speak to Your Price Bifolds about your property today.




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