Yes, You Can Have Bay Bi-Folds!

Bifold doors come in all types of configuration and now include bay bifolds too
When you think of bifolding doors, you probably think of huge expanses of glass, or modern, boxy buildings that can be opened completely to the garden. In truth, bifold doors are amazingly versatile, and can be used in all kinds of settings – including bays. With hundreds of colours to choose from, the sky’s the limit.
If you’re thinking about having bifold doors installed, you’ll need to follow certain design conventions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have bifolds in an unusual space. In fact, bifolds can transform an existing property and breathe new life into a traditional home.

How Bifolds are Laid Out

If you’re shopping around for bifolding doors, you’ll already know how they operate. You have at least two doors on a runner, and the doors can stack indoors or out. Our bifolding doors can be made with blinds and child-safe hinges so that they can be enjoyed by every member of the family.
The doors can split on one side for convenience. Additionally, you can choose to split the doors in different places. For example, if you have an odd number of leaves in the set, that gives you the option to place the split one pane in. That gives you a traffic door for convenient garden access.
You can also split doors in the centre so you have an equal stack either side, or split slightly to the left or right. If you have 4 doors to the left, and 3 to the right, this would be called a 4+3 configuration.

Openings and Considerations

You might be wondering how bifolds work on a bay window.
Generally speaking, bifold doors follow three conventional shapes:

  • Straight bifolds are the bifolding doors you’ll see on most adverts and websites. We can make these sets with 8 big, beautiful doors, spanning huge openings and completely transforming your space
  • Corner bifolds open the room on two sides; the roof is held up by a cantilever, or a corner post. Each side operates as an independent unit
  • Bay bifolds have three straight sides, each with bifolding panes.

This flexibility of design allows most homeowners to enjoy bifold doors and benefit from the improved access and ventilation they provide.
Bay bifolds aren’t as common as the other types, simply because there are fewer bay openings that are a suitable size. However, we can manufacture them to the configuration of your choosing if your property fits the bill. Bear in mind that the left, right and central sections operate as separate bifolds, almost like a corner bifold. Aesthetically, it’s sensible to have the side sets split on the edge closest to the house, while the central section splits in the middle.
You can see a bay bifolds diagram on our configurations page, along with all of the other standard layouts that we make.

Seeing Bifolds in Action

If you’d like to see bifolds in action, don’t hesitate to contact Your Price Bifolds. Give us a call on 020 8640 0380, and we’ll talk you through our prices and design options. We’re Origin accredited, and we install bifolding doors thoughout Surrey and south London.

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