How Your Patio Can Benefit From Bifolding Doors

Make your patio the star of your garden
If you’ve been researching bifold doors, you’ve probably read plenty of blogs that talk about ‘letting the outside in’. We often think of bifolds being a benefit to the property, and a great way to help us enjoy our homes more. Of course – that’s one huge reason to install them.
But bifolding doors offer another benefit, which we sometimes don’t focus on as much. Bifolds also change the way you use the garden. Specifically, a bifold door can be a huge benefit to the patio area, a part of our garden which can go unused for much of the year.

Spend More Time Outside

In Britain, we tend to spend most of the spring and autumn hoping for occasional sunny days. It can be difficult to enjoy the patio when there’s a chill in the air, even when the sun is shining. Imagine how much more you could do if you could sit indoors with the bifolds open, taking in the fresh air and panoramic view without tolerating the occasional shower.
Kids love playing outside, whatever the weather, and bifolds allow you to sit indoors while the children run in and out to play. You can also set out a picnic, or light the barbecue, safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy the occasion under cover if the heavens happen to open. We can even install a ramp to make patio access easier than ever.

Constructing a Garden Room

Bifold doors make the perfect access point to a new garden room, a great way to blend outdoor living with the indoor creature comforts we all enjoy. Set up your sofa, log burner and TV inside the garden room, and have your bifolds open up onto the patio, outdoor seating and chiminea. Straight away, the room is transformed, and the patio takes on a whole new lease of life.
We’ve installed bifolds with river views, and bespoke door sets in detached kitchens and playrooms. When you connect the patio with the cosy indoor space, you genuinely feel like you’re living al fresco – even when there’s a chill in the air. Complete the look with some stylish rattan furniture, a water feature and some stylish planters.

The Perfect Space to Relax

A patio should never be wasted space, and bifolds help you realise the potential of your paved outdoor area. Whether you plan to construct a lush secret garden full of climbing roses and scented plants, or you prefer the clean lines of a modern outdoor kitchen, out bifold doors provide the missing link between the patio and the home inside.
If you feel your patio is unloved and under-utilised, talk to Your Price Bifolds today. We’ve carried out hundreds of bifold door installations in Kent and the south of England, and we know how to make the most of the aspect and available space. Whether you’re remodelling the patio, or looking for the perfect finishing touch, our experienced surveyors are here to bring your dream of outdoor living to life.

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