What’s Next For Aluminium Bifold Doors?

Aluminium bi-folding doors are increasing in popularity
Timber and uPVC are perfectly valid window and door materials, and customers often choose to have their bifolds made to match. While timber offers classic looks and a beautiful silhouette, uPVC is an economical alternative that has made the bifold accessible to all.
But for bifold door customers, the ultimate material has to be aluminium. It’s the most eco-friendly solution we’ve found to date, and it can be customised to suit your personal taste. What’s more, its sleek appearance is exactly what you need to complement those huge panes of glass.
Aluminium bifolds give your house a stylish, modern appearance, and they’re the perfect contemporary accent for your extension, orangery or kitchen. What does the future hold for bifolds? Will aluminium continue to be so popular, and how will our bifold doors change?

Advancements in technology

Aluminium is a great material for bifolds for three main reasons. Firstly, it’s light, so it’s easy to work with, and economical to transport. Secondly, it’s strong, so it can support very large panes of class without bending. And third, it’s eco-friendly; doors can be manufactured quickly, transported efficiently, and can last for several decades once in place.
If you ever decide to replace your bifolds, the aluminium frames can quickly, cheaply be made into something else. That’s one of the reasons aluminium has a bright future in the domestic glazing market. It complies with all current regulations on sustainability.
As time marches on, we’re likely to see bifolds feature more home automation features, with aluminium playing a key role. Automation might include an automatic opening mechanism when you step into the kitchen, or a bifold door that closes itself when it detects rain on the patio. You could even open the bifolds from your upstairs office to let the cat back inside the house, or have a motion sensor open the doors when a wheelchair approaches.

How aluminium will outlive uPVC

Aluminium supports the move towards smart technology because of its light and durable nature. As we start to automate our homes, we’re going to be operating doors using motors, and a lightweight frame will clearly pay dividends since the motor will have so much less work to do.
As homes become more eco-friendly, the bifold is likely to come into its own as a provider of huge solar gain. This could help to trap heat inside homes, lowering our energy consumption, while keeping draughts and moisture firmly sealed out.

Great looks and a great future

Bifold doors come in all kinds of shapes, configurations and layouts. Aluminium bifolds offer massive potential for contemporary living. Not only do they look slim and modern, but they can be made in practically any colour, and that makes the bifold a useful tool in modern home design.
If you’re looking for a quality bifolding door that will stand the test of time, an aluminium bifold from Your Price Bifolds could be the best investment you’ve made.  Contact out friendly sales team today, and we’ll design the perfect aluminium bifold for your property.

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