How to dress your bifold doors

In British homes, we tend to dress our windows with curtains. It makes sense: we don’t open our windows frequently, and heavy curtains can boost energy efficiency. But with bifolding doors, there’s a problem: curtains get in the way.

Consider the way a bifold door stacks. If you have the leaves stacking up inside the room, the curtains are going to make it awkward to push the doors open all the way. Additionally, curtain rails can look unsightly when you want a clean look for your bifolds.

Fortunately, dressing bifold doors doesn’t have to be expensive. There are a few options to consider, depending on the budget you have available.

Simple blinds

The humble roller blind is perhaps the best solution for cost-effective bifold door dressing. Roller blinds are available in practically any colour, and can cost just a few pounds.

For each leaf in the door, choose a blind that will cover the glass completely. Remember that it really needs to roll all the way to the bottom, and should also offer a little overlap on the sides. If you can’t find a perfect fit, you should be able to trim the blind using a hacksaw, or create a deliberate overlap for a modern feel.

Using roller blinds is also effective with bay bifolds, as you can use a separate blind on each pane to mirror the way the bay curves. Obviously, you won’t be able to overlap with this method, but it looks extremely neat when the blinds are fitted with care.

Remember: consider blackout blinds for areas where direct sun can make the room hot.

Fitting roller blinds

Roller blinds have to be screwed above your window frames, so consult us for advice before you go ahead with fitting. You’ll need to be careful to put the holes in the right place so that they don’t damage the glass or the frame.

Measurements are also critical when you have several blinds next to each other. They need to be uniform, both in terms of their width, and in terms of the gap between each one. Get it wrong and you’ll have an uneven finish that is difficult to correct.

If screwing the blinds to the door sounds risky, and you’re not great with DIY, consider roller blinds that clip into the window panes on the inside of the glass. While you lose a little bit of your view with this method, the blinds give a very neat finish because they’re anchored to the glazed unit all the way down.

Customisation options

Your Price Bifolds are experts in making bespoke bifold doors. With the right frame material, the right colour, and a set of coordinating blinds, you can give a room a complete transformation without buying a single piece of furniture.

If you need help developing a vision for your new bifold doors, our team is here to help. Call us today with your ideas, and we’ll help you to design a set that looks perfect in your home.

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