Can You Have Bifolds in a Small Space?

When we think of bifolding doors, we normally think about huge expanses of metal, or plastic, and glass. Bifolds are ideally suited to very large openings, giving you a way to effectively remove a wall and bring the sunshine into the house.

Many customers ask us whether bifolds are suitable for smaller spaces. They are, and they can be fitted in place of traditional French doors. When working with small rooms, there are a few additional pitfalls to consider before you take the plunge and order.

Removing Walls

In small rooms, such as boxy extensions, there’s a limited amount of space to move around. Once you place furniture into a tight space, you can end up blocking access or obscuring a lovely view.

When planning for bifolds, make sure you’re not removing too much wall space, as you will almost certainly still need somewhere to position furniture.

Getting In and Out

Bifold doors are a great way to open up the living area. In a small space, the bifold might be your only exit to the garden. While this will be beautiful in summer, there are times in winter when you won’t want the whole bifold open.

With an even number of doors (such as a two pane), you don’t get the convenience of a traffic door, which means the bifold has to open to let you out. If you’re planning a 2-pane bifold, consult us first; you may be better off widening the gap and putting a 3-pane in its place.

Door Layouts

As we just mentioned, the number of panes in a bifold is important. It can affect access, and it can also affect the way you organise your living space. The width of the panes, and the number of panes in the set, may change the way you access the garden forever.

Additionally, doors can stack inside or outside, and this is a critical consideration in a very small room. Doors that stack inside are better for windy aspects, but they prevent you from placing furniture close to the doors themselves, as you have to allow that folding space. If you stack the door outside, you’ll need to keep an eye on them in strong winds, and you might bring rainwater in from the outside.

Expert Advice

Having a bifold in a small room gives you all the benefits of a larger bifold. You get to open out the space, air out the room, increase natural light and improve access to the home and garden. In smaller houses, all of these things are very beneficial.

Before ordering bifolds, it’s best to invite one of our staff to your home to carry out a survey. We can give you expert advice on bifold configurations and suggest ways to make the bifold doors work in your unique home environment.

For more information, or to make an appointment, call Your Price Bifolds today. From small homes to large commercial buildings, we’ve got a bifold solution for everyone.


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