How to Calculate the Number of Doors For Your Bifold Door Installation

If you read our previous blog about maximum and minimum sizes, you might be wondering how your bifolds will look when they’re fitted in your home. Your Price Bifolds considers every job to be a unique installation, and we come up with a bespoke design for every set that we make and fit.

The width of the opening for bifold doors obviously determines the number of leaves in the set, but within a fixed size, you can tweak the layout to increase or decrease the doors. Here’s how we calculate how many leaves, or doors, you will have.

Doing the maths for bifold doors

Bifold doors vary in width, so one opening can have different layouts. For example, if your opening is 1.4 metres, you could have two large doors in your bifolds, or three narrow doors.

Similarly, an opening of 3 metres could have 3, 4, 5 or 6 doors.

So how do you decide?

The first thing to consider is the aesthetic of a larger or narrower door. With a narrow door, you can make a room look much taller due to the increase in vertical lines. But the increase in frame means that your panoramic view will be interrupted, and a larger door could offer a more pleasing finish.

Easy access

In a small opening of 1.8 metres, a two-door bifold looks great, and gives you a great expanse of glass to enjoy your garden. But every time you pop outside to the garden, both doors will need to be opened at the same time. In the winter, this could make your home quite chilly.

You might prefer a three-door set, where one door can open as a traffic door while the other two doors stay closed.

If you have more than 3 leaves in the doors, think about splitting them half way, rather than on one side, to give you the option of a traffic door. If you don’t have a regular back door into the garden, this could be a more convenient arrangement.

Narrow or wide doors

Narrow bifold doors give you more panes to collapse, so when folded, they take up less space. The downside of a narrow door is the physical restriction that may hinder access with a pushchair or wheelchair.

We recommend that you try out a set of doors to get a feel for how they open and close.

Expert advice

Your Price Bifolds is a well established supplier of quality Origin bifolds. This system allows us to make doors up to 9.6 metres in width, with up to 8 doors in a set, to fit a range of purposes and layouts.

We can also create corner door layouts, with one to five leaves on each side. And if you have a bay that requires bifolds, we can design a 3-door bay bifold that fits.

With a 20-year guarantee, and installation within as little as 5 days, ask Your Price Bifolds for a quote. We supply bifolds across London and the south east of England, and we’d be happy to discuss your requirements.

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