How Bifolds Can Make Your Hotel More Appealing

If you own a hotel or a bed and breakfast, you’ll be looking for ways to improve the space and make it bigger and airier. Bifolding doors offer a solution to all of these challenges.
Bifolds will make your hotel more appealing while still offering a safe and secure door. There are lots of different options to choose from, so you’ll be able to create a distinguished look that complements your building and makes your premises attractive to your customers.
Benefits of bifolding doors are numerous: they maximise light, improve energy efficiency, open up dark space and create a fresh, invigorating atmosphere. That’s why bi-folds are increasingly in demand in the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Natural Light

Whether your hotel is big or small, in Surrey, London or Kent, any room can be transformed by just adding a little natural light. Rather than opting for big lighting rigs, you can use bfolding doors to naturally increase the amount of light in a room.
These innovative doors allow dark and dull spaces to be flooded with natural sunshine that give the space a sunnier feeling without having to rely on artificial lights.

Better Ventilation

As well as generating more light, a slick bi-fold system can make an entrance very inviting while also offering much better ventilation. This can only add to the appeal of a hotel. You can find solutions to suit your space perfectly.
Whether it’s warm or cold outside, you can use the doors to create a pleasant breeze, cutting the energy needed for air conditioning.

A Sense of Space

Bifold doors provide great security when locked, with some of the industry’s latest security features fitted as standard. When you throw them open, you will literally remove boundaries and create an impression like no other.
Whether you place them at the front of your building to make it more inviting, or at the back to join a garden with the living space, a bifold system can instantly give your guests the impression of a seamless transition and a space that truly flows. Bifolds can create an amazing sense of freedom for everyone that visits.
Give your guess a stunning view

Panoramic Views

The comfort of your guests will always be a top priority, and the ambience and atmosphere you create for visitors will leave a lasting memory for years to come. In an era of online reviews and tourist websites, hotels are constantly competing to leave the best impression.
If you have a great view on your doorstep, maximise it with bifold doors. They
completely alter the views from the inside out and create a real wow factor for your guests; a panoramic view then can enjoy with cocktail in hand.

Planning Your Bifolds

Bifolds are an investment for every business. With countless options available, it is important to speak to experts who can tailor a bespoke, made to measure solution to meet your needs. Speak to Your Price Bifolds about your new bifolds, and let us guide you though the process of designing the perfect set of doors for your hotel.



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