Horizontal v Vertical Bifolds: What to Choose

Beautiful Bifold Doors
Bifolds have become a real hit in the last couple of years, and they look at home in new houses as well as home renovation projects. To get the right look, you simply need to choose the bifold that suits the layout of your home.
With that in mind, what’s better: a horizontal or a vertical bifold? Choosing the correct configuration for your bifold doors is the first place to start.
Let’s go back to basics. A bifolding door is in reality a series of glass panels that can be slid completely to one side to open up most of a wall to the outdoors. Bifolds allow air, light and warmth to circulate, and improve access in and out of the garden.
Even when closed, bifolds allow natural light to flood your home, giving a wonderful, open plan effect. If your bifolds are fitted properly, then there is no detrimental effect to your home’s energy efficiency.

Going Horizontal

Horizontal bifolds are not as common as vertical bifolds, yet the effect they give is absolutely stunning.
A horizontal bifolding door is lifted from the ground up, so it slides on vertical runners. The bifold is hinged on the building column, which places the door load at the strongest area of the wall.
The door is secured with foot bolts to the base, and can be lifted with very little physical effort, despite the huge size and weight of the glass panes. For a little extra investment, bifolds with hydraulic automation can be fitted, giving an amazing automatic opening effect with zero effort.
The main advantage of a horizontal bifold is perhaps home security. It’s not quite as easy to nip in and out. The downside is a lack of convenience, for exactly the same reason: to open the doors, they need to be fully open, and you can’t simply open a section for access.

Going Vertical

A vertical bifold is the more popular type of bifold that is typically found in domestic properties. When opened, a series of frame glass panels slide to one side in a concertina effect. A whole wall can be transformed into an open space within a matter of seconds.
Vertical bifolds are more popular, so they are easier to customise and slightly cheaper to have installed. The leaves (doors) can be arranged so that the bifolds function as a single or double door as well as a fully open bifold, offering a great deal of versatility. For some homeowners, this arrangement simply feels more secure.

So, Which is Better?

The answer to that question comes down to personal choice, ultimately.
Certainly, when considering residential homes, vertical bifolds are better for controlling access. For business premises, a horizontal bifold could be a stunning design feature that relieves pressure points such as busy exits. The lack of a stacking frame also means that the space around the door can be used more effectively, but few homeowners will want the expense of a fully automatic door opener.
If you’re not sure which system to go for, speak to Your Price Bifolds. We can assess your home and suggest the best bifold layout for you.



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