5 Benefits of Bifolds in Your Garage

A garage needs to be secure, but when you’re battling a heavy and cumbersome door that may be too difficult for you to lift yourself, or you’ve got a door which is showing signs of age with rust, you may be tempted to just leave it open.

This may be convenient but means your property isn’t protected and you are leaving the garage open to the elements.

Have you thought about having a bifold door fitted instead? Bifold doors have been popular in living spaces for many years, and we’re starting to see a wave of bifolds in garages as well. But why?

1. Ease of use

Traditionally designed garage doors can be difficult to use – even more so in poor weather. Often, you have to wrestle with them in the wind and rain just to get them up and over.

Bifold doors effortlessly slide sideways, so there’s no requirement to try to push or pull a door above your head. The advanced locking system also means that you’ll have a much more secure entry system than a standard garage door provides.

2. Modern technology

Garage doors haven’t really evolved over the past few decades, but the bifold doors give the user an energy efficient and ergonomically designed opening. It operates smoothly and with little effort required.

Bifolds are also very easy to maintain in, that you only really need to wipe the frames with a warm, wet cloth.

3. Lots of space

Boundaries of space have changed with the innovation of the bifold door with so many configuration options. When fully opened they offer an aperture of 90% of the opening which means that it’s much easier to move in and out of.

4. Weather proofing

Standard garage doors rust with time, or can become cracked and damaged. Older style doors flake and look very untidy. Bifold doors look just as new for many years and will enhance the overall look of the property.

5. Designed for you in mind

Garage doors are a fairly standard size and offer little room for personalisation if you have a smaller property. A more compact home can look out of proportion with an over-bearing, solid garage door dominating the aesthetic look of the front of the house.

Bifold doors are incredibly versatile and can be made pretty much as large or as small as you require. Widths and heights can be changed to suit your needs so you have the garage that works for you.

Change your garage doors with the help of the professionals

Take the hassle out of entering and exiting your garage. Switch your current clumsy and dated looking door to a high quality, easy to use and maintain bifold door.

If you would like to see some bifold doors in action and get a quote for a new set of doors to transform your garage, talk to Your Price Bifolds. Our experienced team can answer all your questions and give you a quote for your garage or home.
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